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Are your kitchen exhaust and supply fans running at 100 percent speed when there’s no cooking going on? They probably are if you don’t have a demand control kitchen ventilation (DCKV) system. Consequently, you’re wasting energy and conditioned air – at a time when revenue is at its lowest.

Melink’s patented Intelli­-Hood HVAC controls package visually monitors the level of cooking activity and automatically instructs the exhaust fan to operate only as fast as necessary. Intelli­-Hood is installed into new or existing commercial hood systems and transforms a basic stainless steel box into an intelligent energy­-saving machine.

For 30 years, Melink has been helping energy managers like you break the full­speed habit while reducing the cost of operating kitchens.

Why Intelli-Hood?

Highest Energy Savings

Highest Energy

  • Optic + temperature sensors
  • Self-learning algorithims
  • Compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 2013
Improved Kitchen Operation


  • Automation of kitchen HVAC
  • Self-calibrating sensors
  • Reduced hood noise
Project Development


  • NFPA 96 Compliance
  • Proactive Temperature Alarm
  • Gas Valve Integration
Project Development


  • Facility Audit
  • Estimated energy savings report
  • Turnkey retrofits and new construction
Monitoring & Analytics

& Analytics

  • Remote monitoring
  • System alerts and performance reports
  • Integration with building control systems
Post­-Installation Support


  • 24/7 Melink staff support
  • Global technician network
  • Preventative maintenance and monitoring

Case Studies

We keep our little black book closed out of respect for our clients. That’s why some of the case studies are anonymous. We can share additional details on a one-to-one basis.

  • Corporate Dining


    Pala Casino Spa & Resort

    Pala Casino
    Spa & Resort

    Barcelo Sants Hotel

    Sants Hotel

    National Restaurant Company

    National Restaurant Company

    Hotel in Hong Kong, China

    Hotel in
    Hong Kong, China

    Hotel in Madrid, Spain

    Hotel in
    Madrid, Spain

  • Stadium in Foxborough, MA

    Stadium in
    Foxborough, MA

    Hospital in Chicago, IL

    Hospital in
    Chicago, IL

    Hospital in Daegu, South Korea

    Hospital in
    Daegu, South Korea

    University in Oxford, Ohio

    University in
    Oxford, Ohio

    Hotel in Barcelona, Spain

    Hotel in
    Barcelona, Spain

    Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany

    Hotel in
    Frankfurt, Germany

  • Military Bases in VA, SD & CO

    Military Bases in
    VA, SD & CO

    Zoo Restaurant in Cincinnati, OH

    Zoo Restaurant in
    Cincinnati, OH

    University in Hiram, OH

    University in
    Hiram, OH

    Restaurant & Hotel Independent Study

    Restaurant & Hotel Independent Study

    University Independent Study, CA

    University Independent Study, CA

    Hotel Independent Study

    Hotel Independent Study

  • Chain Restaurant Independent Study

    Chain Restaurant Independent Study

    Country Club Independent Study

    Country Club Independent Study

    Supermarket Independent Study

    Supermarket Independent Study

The Intelli­-Hood Story
A simple idea becomes the industry standard

There once was an engineer on a rooftop balancing a restaurant ventilation system on a hot summer afternoon. Walking past the exhaust fan, he briefly enjoyed a steady stream of chilled air. He glanced at the nearly empty parking lot and thought: “They’re paying for that fan to run at full speed when there’s no cooking going on. That’s not very smart. I can help them save energy and money.”

The engineer was Steve Melink; the year was 1989. Steve got to work inventing Intelli­-Hood, and setting the standard for demand control kitchen ventilation systems. Since then, Melink Corp. has made more than 25,000 kitchen hoods more intelligent – with an average electricity savings of 65 percent.

Wanting to do better for his customers, Steve and his Intelli­-Hood team have continued to refine the controls application. All that dedication has resulted in Intelli­-Hood being awarded the AHR Expo Product of the Year by ASHRAE and the EPA Energy Star Emerging Technology Award.


The original Intelli-Hood in 1990, named “REM-1” at the time.

Energy Star 2015
Intelli-Hood 3 Components

The third generation of Intelli­Hood, released in 2014.


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