What is PositiV?

PositiV is a standalone system that monitors your building’s pressure and remotely tracks building health. Alerts are sent when the system detects anything is out of set parameters. Moreover, PositiV monitors temperature, relative humidity and CO2 so that you gain a full picture of the health of your facility.

How Does it Work?

PositiV uses absolute pressure sensors to calculate the pressure differential between inside and outside. The data is logged and communicated over a built-in cellular modem. Parameters are set on when to alert your facility manager to investigate. Moreover, PositiV monitors temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 so that you gain a full picture of the health of your stores.

PositiV App Monitor Building Health

Easy Installation

No wires. Completely self-powered and communicates wirelessly. The indoor unit could be as easy as double-sided tape and stuck to the wall; the outdoor unit can be banded to a vent stack or screwed to a wall.


No moving parts, the system is powered by solar collectors.


Easy access using Melink Portal.

Knowledge is Power

Get real time answers regarding your building, or other buildings you oversee. Set up customized alerts that will let you know when something is wrong with the building, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day.

Why PositiV


Highest Energy Savings

Save Energy

Save 5,000 BTU per square foot per year by maintaining a positive pressure in your stores. This equates to $800 per store each year (based on 8,000 sf and $0.10/kWh).

Project Development

Improve Safety

Ensure your ceiling diffusers do not ‘sweat’ and drip water – causing slippery floors and customers/employees to slip and fall. Avoid potential lawsuits.

Reduce Commercial Building Repairs

Reduce Repairs &

Prevent a negative building pressure which can cause mold growth, wood warping, and other sick building issues which can be expensive to repair.

Improved Kitchen Air Quality

Improve Comfort +
Air Quality

Eliminate incoming drafts of outside air at your front and rear doors, and prevent hot/cold spots, dirt and insect problems, as well as flue back-roducdrafting and poor hood capture.

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Production available in Q2 of 2019